It was two minutes to three when I clocked out. I grabbed my jacket, book, and tums from my locker and used the bathroom before leaving the building. I was expecting it to be frigid when the automatic exit doors slid open, but the rare February sun was doing a fine job, and it felt every bit of the 40 degrees it was.

I looked both ways before crossing the road separating Lowe’s and it’s parking lot, the wind lifting loose strands of hair that had fallen out of my pony tail over the course of the day. I felt overdressed crossing the dehydrated pavement that was caked with crusty salt; it didn’t feel like winter, but there I was, wearing bogs and a thick winter coat.

I opened the car door and sat down, placing my belongings in the passenger side. I moved my seat up a couple inches and adjusted the mirror. Nick and I have been sharing my car while his is being repaired in grand rapids, but today his shift ended at 3:30, and since I got out at 3:00 I was the one picking him up this time.

I plugged my aux cord into the charging port of my phone and found Ariana Grande’s album ‘Dangerous Woman.’ I clicked the first song. It had been quite a while, a few weeks at least, since I’d had the car to myself and could listen to my favorite music alone without feeling judged. Nick and I like a lot of the same music, but there are some things I wouldn’t expect him to listen to on a regular basis; Ariana’s song ‘Moonlight’ is one of them. Not 3 seconds later her voice was filling the car, and I was driving toward the apartment.

A thought occurred to me then; it came at first as a question: When did I first hear this song?

It was summer, I remembered that almost immediately. Some time around the fourth of July. Then several other thoughts populated and starting bouncing around inside my head:

I was at the beach when I first heard it
I listened to it almost every time I went there
I always went for walks to look for petoskey stones when I visited the state park, always right before leaving and always with both head phones in my ears
I was always tired
I was sad and miserable, heartbroken at best
But the beach was my happy place, and I was doing at least one thing that I loved almost on a daily basis, even if only for a couple hours.

And then I thought back to the sun that was shining in my eyes at the present moment, it won’t be long before it’s summer time all over again.

I started to imagine what I might be doing on the 4th of July this year, and then I remembered that Kinsley June will likely have just been born.

I won’t be spending time at the beach, and if I get to at all in June before her due date July 1st, I won’t be comfortable enough to really enjoy it.

At this point I was parked in front of our building and a ton of other thoughts started pouring in. ‘Moonlight’ continued to play in the background.

I kept thinking of how during last summer I’d drive to the beach with the windows down, the air filling every crevice of the car, lifting my hair and blowing it in every direction before exiting the car out any open window just to come back in the next and do it all over again. I kept picturing the waves, and the cool water splashing over my feet and up my legs with the occasional powerful burst. I imagined the sand and my hands full of beautiful petoskey stones, these tiny gems with the most intricate and unique design etched into each one; all the same, but different too.

And I was sad for a moment; sad that my life will never be exactly like that again. But then I looked into the center console and found a stray petoskey stone that hadn’t made it out of the car and into one of my three jars with the other stones I’d collected last summer, and I thought to myself, there is still time, I am still me, and my life will still be the same, but different too- in a good way.

I have so much hope for the future.



Week 21 (Feb 18-24)

Week 21 ended Friday the 24th of February for me and baby H.

And I’m sure you’ve heard by now that we’re having a girl!

So here’s the week 21 update and the project pregnancy photos for the past 7 days.

-Like I mentioned last week, Kinsley June has been kicking like crazy. I can’t tell for sure if the kicking is stronger, but it’s definitely more frequent. I suppose that’s good, because the doctor said at our last appointment that by week 22 we should be feeling Kinsley kick every single day.

-The kicking has been really awesome, but some of the other changes have been less awesome. I’ve been really thirsty the last while, so I’ve been trying to drink more water, but I’m not really a huge fan of it, never have been. So I’m working on that.

-In addition to the thirst, I’ve been really tired, the same kind of tired I was in the first trimester. So tired I’ve been going to bed around 7:30-8:00 almost every night. I’ve been having a lot of productive days though, so that’s been positive despite sleeping for 10 hours a night.

-Even worse than feeling tired is the heartburn I’ve been having. In fact, I have it right now as I’m writing this post. I’ve been eating the smoothie tums and they’ve been working. Hopefully the heartburn tones down permanently before too long.

Here are the photos for the time lapse from week 21 and the first day of week 22.

I have a DIY changing table post dropping this week, as well as an overall nursery post and I’ve also planned one more. Stay tuned.

Maternity Shoot

The day before both my birthday and the gender reveal, on February 18th, I was lucky enough to have a maternity shoot with a wonderful woman named Kristin Hatfield, whose business is named Hatfield Photography. She captured some beautiful pictures of me and my baby bump in a sheer gown and wearing the sash I made for my party.

It was a beautiful winter day that felt like spring and despite the sunshine that we feared might create problems because of shadows under the bridge, everything turned out great and it was really a perfect shoot.*

I’m so excited to finally be able to share a few of these photos with everyone!

*everything went perfect except the part where I forgot I was wearing a panty liner and the public bathrooms near the bridge were closed because of the off season, so I had to take the thing off in front of a woman I’ve never met while laughing hysterically because it was awkward but such is life. Oh, good old pregnancy issues 😂

It’s a…

Saturday was our gender reveal party, and I have to say that I am absolutely pleased with how it turned out.

There was quite a bit of set up involved but I had help from some amazing friends and it really turned out cute. I didn’t take as many pictures as I would like but I got a few and I thoroughly enjoyed it while it was happening, so the memories made will stick around in my mind for quite a while.

I think my favorite part for sure was the cake. My mom made this amazing tiered cake and it was both beautiful and tasty.

And of course to go along with that is what we found inside it…


My next favorite part is that I got to share all this with my best friends.

And with this handsome guy by my side ❤

We’re so happy to finally announce…


Can’t wait to meet our Kinsley June.

(and now I can finally show you guys pictures of our nursery (!) in a post to follow in the near future)

Week 20 (Feb 11-17)

20 weeks marks the halfway point for pregnancy. According to the app on my phone, the baby weighs 10 1/2 ounces. Additionally, the baby is 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom, and 10 inches from head to heel, which is basically the size of a banana.

We had our 20 week appointment which involves the anatomy scan where the doctor looks at the baby’s organs and tells us if things are normal, and gives us an update on where our baby is at growth-wise.

Our due date given at my first appointment, estimated by the first day of my last period tells us that baby H should be 40 weeks full term on July 1st. For that date, our baby’s growth is in the 51st percentile. The doctor tells us that baby H is exactly where s/he needs to be, and all his/her organs look great. We have nothing to worry about here with everything on track and looking perfect.

We also got a few cute pictures. Actually I think the lady printed 17 photos for us.

Past that, here are a few things to note about pregnancy week 20:
-fun leg cramps that happen in randomly in the middle night, like weird charlie horses in the calf part of my leg.
-heartburn that is worse than the kind you get from drinking straight crown royal, I’m talking like fire breathing dragon heartburn.
-vaginal discharge that requires a panty liner at all times (funny story about this in my maternity shoot post)
-shortness of breath from just walking up the stairs of the apartment making me feel like I’ve gained WAY more than 9 pounds (we started this pregnancy journey at 114, and now we’re at 124.6)
-AMAZING little flutters that keep getting more and more frequent, and that we can feel AND see…take a look for yourself:

In a little less than a week I’ll be posting on Week 21.

Project ‘Pregnancy’: Time Lapse

In another post I talked about ways to document pregnancy, hence the creation of this blog. I’ve decided I’m going to document my pregnancy another way as well.

What I’ve begun doing is taking a photo in the nursery every single day, and when I’m all done, I’m going to take all the photos and put them into a slide show of sorts that will play as a time lapse video of me, the growing baby, and our nursery. Here are 7 photos that belong to week 20, and the first photo belonging to week 21, so you can get a taste of what this will look like over the course of the next 20 weeks.


I haven’t decided yet if I want to  post these photos weekly, or if I’m going to make you guys wait until the end to see the full time lapse. Maybe if I get enough requests I’ll do both.

Gender reveal

I’ve been posting every day for a week now, counting down to the gender reveal party, which is FINALLY taking place tomorrow.

And you all have been so patient.

So, tonight I wanted to share a few photos that I haven’t posted anywhere else, just because you’ve all been so patient.

This morning I got up pretty early so I could take care of a few different things for the gender reveal that probably shouldn’t have been so last minute, but ended up being.

I got this really cool idea off Pinterest to make a sash for my gender reveal party or for a baby shower, so not too long ago I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a bunch of different fabric flowers and this morning I turned them into this, which I will be wearing tomorrow.

I can’t wait to show you all what it looks like on me, but that will happen tomorrow at the party. I did get to wear it today, however, during my 21 week maternity shoot. While I don’t have any pictures from the shoot yet, because the photographer needs time to develop/edit these things, I do have a photo of what I was wearing underneath the sheer dress.

It was a beautiful day, and we chose a really nice spot for this shoot, so I hope we got at least a couple decent photos. The sash fit perfectly with the beautiful dress, and I didn’t freeze to death despite it being the middle of February and having worn a dress made of sheer material.

Tomorrow I have to get up fairly early to finish setting up the hall, and there will be a bit of takedown involved after 4pm, but I do plan to post about the party when I get home, and of course to announce the gender officially on my blog. So stay tuned for that. Also, in the VERY near future there will be that post I mentioned last time about the popular topic of stretch marks, as well as a 20 week update, since I’m now 21 weeks as of today.

Check tomorrow for the gender post, you won’t want to miss it. (-: