Week 19 (Feb 4-10)

Week 19 has been super productive for me, Nick, and baby H. The nice part of this week has been that we’ve been off work together for four days of it. Almost all four days I’ve been busting my butt in the nursery getting everything painted and put together and moved where we want it.

The rest of the time I’ve been resting while the baby kicks away, or I’ve been online reading reviews, checking consumer reports and browsing through pages and pages of cribs. The crib is the last thing we have to get for the nursery, and we want to make sure it’s perfect, so we’re spending a little more time picking one out.

This week I got a much needed pedicure, we took a trip to Turtle Creek Casino and stayed in their beautiful hotel for a fun getaway, and almost finished the changing table I’ve been working so hard on. I can’t wait to post pictures of it, and maybe even a DIY tutorial, but that will have to wait until Sunday after the gender reveal.

In addition to those accomplishments, we also hit a milestone with the baby. We can feel him/her kicking like crazy; they’re these little taps that come and go, and I even got a couple little movements on video while we were staying at Turtle Creek and nick was downstairs in the casino winning a bunch of money.

So in my last post I talked about two surprises for you all, and the first one is that I’ve got a winter maternity shoot scheduled. Originally it was supposed to be today, but the weather is absolutely horrid, so it’s rescheduled for this coming Saturday. If the weather is better then, we’ll be able to do the shoot, and I’ll be posting a few photos shortly after. I can’t wait for you guys to see them.
The second surprise I talked about in my last post is one that I started working on yesterday, and I’ll be able to announce it Sunday with the gender reveal. Six days and counting until I’ll really be able to share everything I want to on this blog.

Other than that, some things to note for week 19 are:

•more movement than ever

•increased heartburn

•higher level of exhaustion/insomnia

•cravings for cantaloupe

In my next post I’m going to address about a popular pregnancy topic/concern: stretch marks…so stay tuned for that!


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