Week 21 (Feb 18-24)

Week 21 ended Friday the 24th of February for me and baby H.

And I’m sure you’ve heard by now that we’re having a girl!

So here’s the week 21 update and the project pregnancy photos for the past 7 days.

-Like I mentioned last week, Kinsley June has been kicking like crazy. I can’t tell for sure if the kicking is stronger, but it’s definitely more frequent. I suppose that’s good, because the doctor said at our last appointment that by week 22 we should be feeling Kinsley kick every single day.

-The kicking has been really awesome, but some of the other changes have been less awesome. I’ve been really thirsty the last while, so I’ve been trying to drink more water, but I’m not really a huge fan of it, never have been. So I’m working on that.

-In addition to the thirst, I’ve been really tired, the same kind of tired I was in the first trimester. So tired I’ve been going to bed around 7:30-8:00 almost every night. I’ve been having a lot of productive days though, so that’s been positive despite sleeping for 10 hours a night.

-Even worse than feeling tired is the heartburn I’ve been having. In fact, I have it right now as I’m writing this post. I’ve been eating the smoothie tums and they’ve been working. Hopefully the heartburn tones down permanently before too long.

Here are the photos for the time lapse from week 21 and the first day of week 22.

I have a DIY changing table post dropping this week, as well as an overall nursery post and I’ve also planned one more. Stay tuned.


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