Pregnancy Pet Peeve (1)

Since becoming pregnant a question I get often is, “how are you feeling?”

Being that I’m 26 weeks pregnant with my first baby, this is all new to me and I’m a bit uncomfortable. My body hurts, my ankles are swollen, my back aches, my ribs are sensitive and my sides sometimes tingle and go numb, my legs are sore from charlie horses that keep me up at night, and this damn heartburn might be the death of me.

Usually I don’t say all that, I just say, “I’m uncomfortable” and the response I typically get to that is this:

“Well it’s just going to get worse from here!”

And in my mind I scream: well, no fucking shit. Really? I had no idea that with over 10 weeks to go I’m going to get somewhere between 10 and 15 pounds heavier. I didn’t have the slightest clue, thank you, however, for letting me know it’s going to get worse. How encouraging of you to let me in on that little secret.

Yes, I am aware it is going to get worse, you asked how I felt, and I told you uncomfortable. Just because I am 26 weeks and not 35 doesn’t mean that I am not uncomfortable right now. Ugh.

The second answer I give to people when they ask how I’m feeling typically goes something like this: “Well, I’ve gained about 13 pounds so far and I weigh more now than I ever have, so I feel a bit like a cow, and I’m ready to be skinny again.”

The response I almost always get:

“You weigh less at 26 weeks pregnant than I do right now without a baby inside me!”


“You feel like a cow?! You can’t wait to be skinny again?! Even pregnant you are so tiny!”

And in my mind I scream: JUST BECAUSE I AM 129 POUNDS AND YOU ARE 150 (or whatever) DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE EXTRA 13 POUNDS I HAVE GAINED DO NOT AFFECT ME! No, I am not overweight, even as a pregnant person, but that does not mean that the changes my body has undergone so far do not make me feel different. None of my pants or bras fit, I’m talking about pants and bras I’ve worn since I was a freshman in high school! That means that what I’ve become used to looking at and feeling has changed, and even though it’s still smaller than you, it’s bigger than normal me, thus the reason I feel like a cow and am ready to be tiny again and rejoin the itty bitty titty committee and wear bralettes and size 1 jeans. I like those things about myself, and pregnancy has temporarily taken them away from me, WHICH IS FINE, but you asked how I’m feeling and I told you ‘bigger’ because I AM. Ugh.

It’s probably all hormones talking, so this will be all for now, but if you’ve enjoyed my rant or found yourself getting these responses, let me know in the comments. If I’m not the only human on earth who’s heard these types of things then maybe I’ll post my other pregnancy pet peeves as they come up.

oh honey

Nick didn’t know that I called in to work today, so when he came home around 11:30 for his lunch break he was a little shocked to find me at home making eggs, sausage and fruit salad.

I heard the door open at the bottom of the stairs so I turned John Mayer down a couple clicks and walked over to the stairs. Nick took his coat off and handed me a card that came from the vet regarding the loss of his 12 year old Belgian Shepherd, Ares. “It’s a really nice card,” he said.

I opened it and read a few of the notes inside. “That is a really nice card,” I said and I set it down on the counter. He hugged me. Noticing I was in a long sleeve shirt and underwear he said, “You didn’t go to work today?”

I told him I was in a lot of pain from moving the last few days and decided to take a vacation day. He kissed me and sat down at the table.

“Do you want some eggs?” I asked.

I made him a plate of waffles and strawberries and brought over the whipped cream and syrup. When the eggs and sausage were done I scooped some out of the pan onto his syrupy plate and sat down with my own next to him. “I like John Mayer,” I said as Emoji Of A Wave started playing. I took a bite of my eggs.

“I like him too. Did you put that seasoning in the eggs?”

“Yeah I think it’s really good.”

He agreed and asked me what my plans were for the day. I told him my ideas, and when he finished his brunch and swallowed a few gulps of juice he put the cup down in front of me and said I could have the rest. I told him he had some syrup on his chin and he wiped it with a napkin and asked, “did I get it?” I nodded and smiled.

“I gotta go, baby,” he said as he stood up from his chair. He set his dishes in the sink and then put his coat back on and kissed me. “I love you, thanks for lunch” he said, and then he turned to the cat and rubbed her belly while playfully telling her how ferocious she is.

He picked her up and put her on his chest, her front legs over his shoulder. He rubbed her head and gave her kisses before putting her down and saying to me again, “I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too,” I said. And then he walked down the stairs and returned to work.

I remained seated in the chair for a few minutes after he’d left, just sitting there wrapped in a blanket in my underwear with just-dried-shower-hair that I hadn’t even brushed yet, smiling like an idiot in the dining room, our messy kitchen behind me.

I didn’t care, and he didn’t care either. The longer I sat there the luckier I felt.

I thought about the last half hour, and I felt lucky that he wasn’t mad I called into work. He chose to trust that I’m doing what’s right for my body and the baby. He chose to focus on me feeling well instead of the 8 hours taken away from my paycheck this week.

I felt lucky that he looked at me the same way he would have if I were in my favorite outfit with makeup on and neat hair. Instead of teasing me about having frizzy unkept hair, no bra on, and annoying pregnancy acne, he just looked at me, not all the rest, and I feel so lucky that I can be comfortable exactly as I am in front of him. I’m not hair and makeup to him, I’m me, and he is him.

I felt lucky that he took interest in my plans for the day, and expressed gratitude for the food I made him. I felt lucky that he snuggled my cat, whom I also love so much. I felt lucky that he wasn’t stressed about the mess in the house from the rest of the stuff we moved in the past couple days and haven’t been able to put away yet.

I felt lucky that he told me how much he loved me before he went back to work. I realized that I feel lucky because I am. I’m so lucky that I get to build this life with someone who teaches me everyday to focus my attention on the important things in life, and to expend less energy on all the stuff that doesn’t matter.



DIY Changing Table

Hi guys, today I’m going to be sharing the steps that I took to make Kinsley’s changing table.

Right now we live in a beautiful two bedroom apartment that is part of a nice association less than one mile from each of our places of employment, and for those reasons and several others, we have no plans to purchase a house or move any time soon. That being said, when we found out we were pregnant there was some conversation about what we might and might not be able to do with our nursery. Initially I was worried that not being able to paint would really hinder our experience in making the baby’s room exactly like we wanted it, but we chose to do a few things instead to sort of make up for not being able to paint.

Instead of painting the walls, we decided that we would buy [most of] our furniture for the nursery from resale shops, and we would refinish each piece to fit the nursery theme we chose. In doing that, we got to spend time together on fun projects and make each piece in the nursery our own- this has been, in my opinion, even more rewarding than painting the walls would have proven to be.

We bought a dresser and a rocking chair from one local resale store, and I was able to re-paint a bookshelf and vanity table I’d used in my room when I was younger. In addition to those pieces, I bought a sink base cabinet from Lowe’s for $30 [originally $250] that had been returned due to a broken vanity top, and I repurposed it into what is now our changing table.

Here’s a step by step guide on how we did it:

  1. I started with the vanity. Because the top was broken we left the top at Lowe’s, and instead I bought wood to make a top that would better suit our needs [we needed something flat without a sink anyways]. 
  2. When I got the base cabinet home I laid down a sheet of painters plastic and I took a sanding sponge to the entire cabinet. Sanding the wood gives it a rougher surface that paint sticks much better to.
  3. After sanding, I bought a quart of primer. Using a cabinet and door roller kit, I primed the cabinet with zinsser bullseye primer. I let it dry, and for kicks and giggles I applied a second coat of primer. Typically you would only need one coat of primer, but because I had so much of it, combined with the fact that the wood was really dark to begin with and the color we were going to paint it wasn’t super dark, I chose to give it a second coat. It did no harm.
  4. After priming and allowing it to dry, I used the same roller kit to apply the paint. We used Valspar Signature, which is a zero VOC paint [it doesn’t have harsh chemicals or fumes and is safe to use in a baby room] in the color morning fog. Morning Fog is a sherwin williams color, but I work at Lowe’s and run the paint department, so we worked our magic and made it valspar compatible. Actually, this particular can was an oops paint, originally mixed as a lighter gray, but, again, we threw it under the tinter and adjusted the tint to match the color that best suited us- even better as an oops paint because it only costed me $9 when originally a gallon of Valspar Signature hovers around $32 at the lowest.
  5. I recommend using a satin or semigloss paint, because those sheens are more resistant to scratching, chipping, and wear and tear in general. Our paint was mixed as a flat, so I bought a clear gloss to go over it once it dried for extra protection. If you do that, use a water based gloss, and a note that a little goes a long way. 
  6. Once all that was dry, the cabinet was basically done, and now we started on the top. I paid around 40 dollars for the supplies I needed to make the top, and I had a friend build it for us because he had the tools required. I bought pine because its a much sturdier wood, but even a sheet of OSB would work. I bought one long piece to cut for the three sides and I left the right end open. 
  7. Our cabinet was 18 3/4 inches wide by 32 inches long, so I had the board cut to 18 3/4 by 36 inches so we could have an overlap for hooks to hang things on the bottom and a part for bottles of baby powder/lotion/hand sanitizer/diaper rash cream/ etc on top.
  8. Jim cut the wood to size and screwed the boards together, and I bought corner brackets to fasten the top onto the base cabinet. Once it was all together, I sanded the boards, and then primed it just like I did the cabinet.
  9. Following the primer I applied paint, and then I added personal touches like the flowers on the corners and the wooden letters on the top. Throw on a changing pad and you’re ready to change your baby. 

The only other thing I need to do is attach the hooks to the open left side, and add the knobs to the doors if I feel like it. Berlin likes it just the way it is though 😉

Next time I’ll make a post about the other pieces in the nursery that we refinished. So stay tuned for that.