This blog is being used to document our pregnancy journey, which is happening for the first time. This page will be used for listing important events in chronological order.

We found out on October 21st that we were pregnant, and are expecting baby H’s arrival in the first week of July.

From the first day of my last period (September 24th) our due date is calculated to be July 1st. At our first ultrasound, baby H measured three days small, making a more accurate date for July 4th.

At 10 weeks I began taking pregnancy photos to document changes in each week.

Our baby’s heart beat on December 10th (11 weeks) was 159 beats per minute. This was at a visit to the emergency room due to bleeding at work. I was put on bedrest for 7 days.

At our second appointment on December 15th (11 weeks, 6 days) we were printed our first set of ultrasound photos.

On December 27th (13 weeks, 4 days) our baby’s heart beat was 166 beats per minute.

I announced the pregnancy publicly one week later on January 3rd (14 weeks 4 days).

We announced our baby name choices, one for a girl and one for a boy (middle names to be announced later).

Our baby’s heart beat on January 18th (16 weeks, 5 days) was 153 beats per minute. On this day we found out the sex of our baby and gave it to my mom in an envelope.

16 weeks is pictured below:

17 weeks is pictured below:

18 weeks pictured below:

19 weeks pictured below:

We bought nursery furniture and started our first projects in early February.

The halfway mark (20 weeks) for baby H is February 11th.

Our anatomy scan was February 15th (20 weeks, 5 days). At this appointment we learned that our baby is completely healthy, and measuring spot on according to my due date. We also received the gender in an envelope.

IMG_0007 IMG_2462





The baby’s gender was announced on February 19th (my 23rd birthday) at our gender reveal party.


It’s a Girl!

20 weeks is pictured below:


21 weeks is pictured below:


22 weeks is pictured below:


23 weeks is pictured below:


24 weeks is pictured below:


25 weeks is pictured below:


26 weeks is pictured below:


27 weeks is pictured below:


28 weeks is pictured below:


29 weeks is pictured below:


30 weeks is pictured below:


31 weeks is pictured below:


32 weeks is pictured below:


33 weeks is pictured below:


Our next ultrasound is at 36 weeks, and is scheduled for May 30th.
Our baby shower will be held on Saturday June 10th and I will be 37 weeks then.
We are scheduled for 5 classes at the hospital during May and June.
We are seeing the doctor every week now.
Baby Kinsley June’s arrival is anticipated on or before July 1st.


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