as promised…Story of Three

Last week over at Word, Sentence, Story (my personal blog) I announced the creation of a ‘baby blog’.

I wrote, “Experiencing pregnancy and enjoying the present has been the sweetest privilege. I want to continue sharing our little journey, in a way that I can look back and remember the tiny details as much as the most important events. I’ve decided one way to do that is on a blog specific to our growing family; a blog all about baby H and this journey… I can’t wait to share more- everything from ideas and opinions about pregnancy, to my personal experience/journey to first kicks to our gender reveal to maternity photos to nursery crafts/decor to DIY tutorials to baby shower ideas and even plans for the future. Check in to Story of Three for updates on me and baby.”

So, as promised, this is ‘Story of Three’.

If I can stick to any kind of plan, the idea for this site is to post, at the very least, every week and to title each weekly post with the previous week of pregnancy so I can talk about what I experienced during that particular week of pregnancy. Any additional posts made during the week will have their own title, as they will be specific to an important event/idea/theme or otherwise. (ex. Saturday Feb 11 is 20 weeks for me, so I will publish a post titled ‘week 19’ detailing pregnancy experiences/new changes etc.)

That being said, let’s jump right in.

My next post (dropping later tonight) will touch on cravings, discomfort, and favorite and least favorite parts about being pregnant so far.