Countdown to Kinsley: Leading up to the final days

In my first countdown to Kinsley post I chronicled the first two weeks of the countdown. Now we’ve been given our induction date, so instead of posting the second and final two weeks of the countdown together in one post, I’m going to post the third week, and then the last few days before induction will be in another post.

So! Here are countdown days 17-10!

June 15, Day 16:
-try something new

June 16, Day 15:
-do absolutely nothing (except wash baby clothes and sterilize bottles)

June 17, Day 14:
-take a hike (with nick and merlin)

June 18, Day 13:
-go grocery shopping alone

June 19, Day 12:
-make some homemade food

June 20, Day 11:
-take the jeep for a drive

June 21, Day 10:
-spend time with Berlin

So, that sums up what I’ve done for the third week of my countdown to Kinsley, and with induction occurring early next week, we don’t quite have 9 days left, but we have a few. In my final countdown to Kinsley post I will chronicle the last days of my pregnancy and non-parent journey, and include a cumulative, running list of everything I got to do during my last month of pregnancy.


Gender reveal

I’ve been posting every day for a week now, counting down to the gender reveal party, which is FINALLY taking place tomorrow.

And you all have been so patient.

So, tonight I wanted to share a few photos that I haven’t posted anywhere else, just because you’ve all been so patient.

This morning I got up pretty early so I could take care of a few different things for the gender reveal that probably shouldn’t have been so last minute, but ended up being.

I got this really cool idea off Pinterest to make a sash for my gender reveal party or for a baby shower, so not too long ago I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a bunch of different fabric flowers and this morning I turned them into this, which I will be wearing tomorrow.

I can’t wait to show you all what it looks like on me, but that will happen tomorrow at the party. I did get to wear it today, however, during my 21 week maternity shoot. While I don’t have any pictures from the shoot yet, because the photographer needs time to develop/edit these things, I do have a photo of what I was wearing underneath the sheer dress.

It was a beautiful day, and we chose a really nice spot for this shoot, so I hope we got at least a couple decent photos. The sash fit perfectly with the beautiful dress, and I didn’t freeze to death despite it being the middle of February and having worn a dress made of sheer material.

Tomorrow I have to get up fairly early to finish setting up the hall, and there will be a bit of takedown involved after 4pm, but I do plan to post about the party when I get home, and of course to announce the gender officially on my blog. So stay tuned for that. Also, in the VERY near future there will be that post I mentioned last time about the popular topic of stretch marks, as well as a 20 week update, since I’m now 21 weeks as of today.

Check tomorrow for the gender post, you won’t want to miss it. (-: