It’s officially been 39 weeks as of today. What a wild ride.

I don’t think my belly has really grown or changed a whole lot in the last few weeks. I have been at 132.4 pounds for the past 3 weeks at least, which means I’ve gained 14 pounds since the first time I was weighed at the doctors during my 12 week appointment. I still have no stretch marks.

This will be my last “weekly” belly post, because we won’t make it to 40 weeks due to being induced Tuesday at 39 weeks and 4 days. If I end up having the baby on that day, Tuesday, June 27th, that is as far as my pregnancy will reach, and your last belly photo ever with Kinsley on the inside will be Monday the 26th.

That’s the day after tomorrow.

It’s still sinking in.

I was at Starbucks yesterday and one of my favorite baristas asked me when I was having my baby and when I told her I added, “the next time you see me here I will have a tiny baby with me!”

I left the store, chai tea latte in hand, thinking, holy shit, the next time I come here I’m going to have a baby with me. 

I think that’s when it really sank in for me. The next time I do just about anything that I’m used to doing, it will be with a baby.

I’m so excited and so scared and so nervous, but I’m as ready as I’ll ever be and I have a feeling that once I hold Kinsley June for the first time, nothing else will matter.

So, now for a little information on our induction:

Monday night I will go to the hospital at 5:30 pm and they will give me a pill that should thin my cervix the rest of the way (I was at 70% last Wednesday) over a period of 12 hours. Around 6am the following morning, if I haven’t started having contractions on my own, the doctors will give me pitocin to start hard labor and complete dilation and I should have my baby sometime after that…who knows if it will be 5 hours or 25 hours. Only time will tell. If her heart rate is stable through the pitocin and contractions we will continue until natural birth, if not, I will have an emergency c-section.

When Kinsley is born I am planning to allow visitors when I am ready, but there will be no cell phones and absolutely no photos whatsoever, except on mine or Nick’s cameras. I know a lot of people who posted photos to Facebook and other social media sites immediately following the birth of their child, and that’s fine for them, but Nick and I have decided that we want to control what goes on the internet, as this is OUR child.

Initially I was worried that relatives and friends would be upset that they couldn’t leave with photos of their own on their mobile phones, but a few things as of late have strengthened my perspective on the whole ordeal, so I am standing firm with my rule: no cell phones or photos taken in the room.

There are people on Facebook who have recently had babies who I am not even friends with and was still able to see a dozen photos of their child not 2 hours after it was born. This is a very special event and the privacy surrounding it is very important to me. In my opinion it’s not meant to be shared with people who aren’t friends or family, yet I was still able to see tons of photos from way outside the box without even trying. I’m not allowing this to happen with my child, and the only way to know for sure who the birth of my daughter is being shared with is to limit it to only myself doing the sharing.

At this point, everything is ready, washed, sterilized, organized, put away, set up, in place, cleaned, looking perfect. I have my breast pump, the hospital bag is in the car, the carseat is installed, the changing table is ready to go, the bottles are on the counter in their basket just in case, all newborn clothes are ready for wearing.

I’m ready. Nick’s ready. She’s ready. We’re all ready. I promise to share one photo at least 😉 I hope you guys are ready.